Indoor Air Quality HEPA FilterFighting against allergies can be very annoying, especially when there’s no escaping it. A lot of people suffer from outdoor allergens, but many others also have indoor allergies. In order to combat indoor allergies, you will need to improve the air quality of your home. Here is a list of things you can buy to improve the quality of air in your home:

1)      UV lights can be installed into your home’s air conditioning system. It is known to act as a germicide and is commonly used in office buildings. It is affordable and safe for home use. Common germs found in homes and buildings can cause nausea, headaches, fatigue and allergic reactions. UV lights will kill germs that are pushed through the air conditioning unit.

2)      HEPA filters are also low-cost investments that improve the air quality of your home. These are placed in your air conditioning units. You can even combine them with the UV lights for extra protection. Research shows that HEPA filters reduce airborne particulate matter in the air. It can be used for AC units, wood burning stoves and vacuum cleaners.

3)      Cleaning your air ducts is important for eliminating as much of the dust and particles that accumulate within them. You can hire a professional to do it for you, or if you can access them yourself, you can try cleaning them on your own. Special equipment may be required to reach deeper into the vents and get everything out.

4)      Electrostatic air filters offer lifetime warranties and have proven to remove 97% of all allergens and other dust particles in the air. These can be used for AC units and furnaces. There are various other types of filters out there that you can purchase as well.

5)      Buy an air purifier. These can be found at local department stores and home improvement stores. They were created to purify the air, ridding it of smells, allergens, dust and germs. You can buy one for each room of your home. They come with different settings and timers.

All of these can be used in conjunction, but if you are unable to afford all, start off with filters and an air purifier. Getting rid of the problems in the air that are irritating your allergies is important, otherwise you won’t ever get rid of the annoying sniffles, watery itchy eyes and sneezing.

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